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Creating the Perfect Hoof: Learn to do a Natural Trim (DVD)

Creating the Perfect Hoof: Learn to do a Natural Trim (DVD)

ISBN: XX01001136

Author: Jaime Jackson

Publisher: Star Ridge

Format: DVD

Price: AUD $45.00
RRP: AUD $59.95

Many, many novice trimmers have begun armed with only this DVD and the Horse Owners Guide to Natural Hoof Care. It is 2 hrs and 40 minutes long and packed with everything Jaime felt a beginner would need to know to tackle the natural trim.

As a master trimmer, Jaime makes horse handling and trimming look easy. How does he do it? In addition to demonstrating excellent trimming technique, Jaime will share with you the numerous professional tricks and tips which he's learned in many years of working with horses, both shod and barefoot. As Jaime says,
"when done properly, trimming isn't a difficult job." The key is to do it properly, and Jaime will show you how.

Sections included on this DVD:

  • Proper apparel and tools
  • Body conditioning
  • Communicating with the horse
  • Securing and balancing the horse
  • Techniques for picking up the hooves
  • The Wild Horse Hoof Model explained
  • Removing horseshoes
  • Trimming after removing the shoes
  • Maintenance trims
  • Rasping the hoof
  • Creating the mustang roll
  • Balancing the hoof
  • Analyzing the trimmed hoof
  • Putting on hoof boots

Although created for beginning trimmers, this DVD has proven helpful to many experienced trimmers. What better way to learn the basics of the natural trim than at the side of Jaime Jackson, who has been referred to as the "father of modern natural hoof care".

This is a no-frills, hands-on video, not a Hollywood-style production -- just solid information presented in a clear, straightforward and accessible manner.

NOTE: It is highly recommended that you read and be familiar with the 
Horse Owners Guide to Natural Hoof Care to get the maximum benefit from this DVD. The book explains the how and why of the natural trim, and then the DVD gives you the chance to see the theory applied in live action.

Book Title: Creating the Perfect Hoof: Learn to do a Natural Trim (DVD)
Author: Jaime Jackson
Publisher: Star Ridge
Format: DVD
Number of Pages: Running Time: 2 Hrs 40 mins
ISBN: XX01001136
Author Notes: For 38 years, author Jaime Jackson has been an outspoken advocate for natural horse care based on his studies of America's wild, free-roaming horse living in the Great Basin. Jackson has been a professional hoof man (farrier turned natural hoof care practitioner) since the 1970s.

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