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> Anatomy, Farriery & Veterinary > Equine Veterinary Nursing 2nd Edition

Equine Veterinary Nursing 2nd Edition

Equine Veterinary Nursing 2nd Edition

ISBN: 9780470656556

Author: Karen Coumbe (Editor)

Publisher: John Wiley

Format: Paperback

Price: AUD $101.95
RRP: AUD $126.95

The breadth and depth of expertise essential for equine veterinary nursing today is provided in this definitive textbook.  Thoroughly revised and updated in its second edition, and now fully illustrated in colour.  This book covers the content of the ever-expanding equine nursing syllabus, while still succinctly covering all the basics that veterinary nurses specialising in other species need to know. The key subjects included are: basic equine management, medical and surgical equine nursing, nutrition, reproduction and foal care, emergency first aid, and the theory underpinning these and other important topics.

Equine Veterinary Nursing Second Edition is presented in a clear and user-friendly manner, appropriate for all those involved in equine nursing. A practical approach is used throughout and procedures are illustrated with a large number of line diagrams and clinical photographs. It is an essential manual for all student and qualified equine veterinary nurses and all those involved in the care of horses.


  • Includes a new chapter on the equine nurse’s professional responsibilities
  • Major revisions to the chapters on diagnostic imaging and surgical nursing to reflect advances in technology and techniques
  • All information on health and safety management updated in keeping with new regulations
  • Authors include both vets and experienced equine nurses
  • Endorsed by the British Equine Veterinary Association

"With the increasing demands of equine practice has come the need for well trained and competent equine nurses. There have been significant improvements in and expansion of the equine Veterinary Nurse training syllabus over the past few years to meet these demands. This new and updated edition of Equine Veterinary Nursing covers all aspects of the new syllabus with well written and illustrated chapters from a wide range of knowledgable and experienced authors. The British Equine Veterinary Association is pleased to endorse this text as a 'must have' for all trainee equine veterinary nurses and their training practices." - Deidre M Carson BVSc(Syd) MRCVS
Immediate Past President, BEVA


Book Title: Equine Veterinary Nursing 2nd Edition
Author: Karen Coumbe (Editor)
Publisher: John Wiley
Format: Paperback
Number of Pages: 496
ISBN: 9780470656556
Author Notes: Karen Coumbe, MA VetMB CertEP CertVA MRCVS, trained as a veterinary surgeon at the University of Cambridge and has more than 25 years experience in equine veterinary practice. She has worked at Bell Equine Veterinary Clinic, an equine hospital in Kent, since it started, and is responsible for nurse training. She has been involved in developing the UK's equine veterinary nursing qualification and has also been an equine nursing examiner for the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons.

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