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> Breaking And Schooling > COBS CAN: Training and Riding the Versatile Cob

COBS CAN: Training and Riding the Versatile Cob

COBS CAN: Training and Riding the Versatile Cob

ISBN: 9780851319766

Author: Omar Rabia

Publisher: J.A.Allen

Format: Paperback

Price: AUD $39.95
RRP: AUD $54.95

A training book dedicated to cobs, a type of horse/pony often overlooked by other writers/trainers. Cobs are generally great all-rounders, usually very reliable and hardy, and with great characters. They remain incredibly popular with the riding public throughout the UK.

With the popularity of the cob rising year by year, it's time to extol the virtues of this humble hero of the horse world. Cobs Can! is an instructional training book specifically geared to cob riders who want to improve their flatwork and jumping. Using kind and gentle training methods that work with (not against) the typical cob's nature and build, Omar Rabia shows that it's perfectly possible to train these wonderful creatures to advanced levels. The book includes lateral work in walk, trot and canter, as well as piaffe, passage and Spanish walk. There are tips on jumping and exercises to improve technique. Most of all the book is a celebration of achievement, of what's possible when the versatile cob and a thoughtful rider combine their efforts - proving that cobs really can!

Contents Include:

  • A Cob's Qualities
  • The Rider's Qualities
  • The Basic Aids
  • Basic Novice Schooling
  • An Introduction to Jumping
  • Early Lateral Work and its Benefits
  • Developing Engagement, Expression and Cadence
  • Further Advancement in the Canter
  • The Culmination of Collection


Book Title: COBS CAN: Training and Riding the Versatile Cob
Publisher: J.A.Allen
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9780851319766
Author: Omar Rabia
Author Notes: Omar Rabia is a classically trained riding teacher who specialises in working with cobs. Omar is a 'man on a mission' to prove the worth of these versatile horses. He is based in Durdar, Carlisle.

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