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Creative Dressage Schooling

Creative Dressage Schooling

ISBN: 9781570764981

Author: Julia Kohl

Publisher: Trafalgar Square

Format: Hardcover

Price: AUD $26.95
RRP: AUD $39.95

Offering a wide variety of ideas to spice up training routines, this handbook provides fresh exercises for practicing classical-riding basics. Dressage fundamentals are indispensable for keeping a horse fit and healthy, but forcing them to go through the same movements over and over while working in the arena can lead to boredom.

This guide provides upbeat patterns and exercises that take the necessary task of essential schooling and add variety and challenge to everyday workouts, beat the dressage practice blues, and get the job done. Equestrians looking for new tools to add to their training arsenal and those looking to create a supple and gymnasticized horse will delight in this fun collection of practice routines and photographs.


Please note, as we stock this title from both the UK & US publishing houses, your book may have the cover below. We assure you it is the same book.

Creative Dressage Schooling - US cover

Book Title: Creative Dressage Schooling
Publisher: Trafalgar Square
Format: Hardcover
ISBN: 9781570764981
Author: Julia Kohl
Author Notes: Julia Kohl is a certified German National Federation trainer who runs a breeding and training stable in Cadolzburg, Germany.
Condition: New
Availability: In Stock

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