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Show Jumping for Advanced Riders

Show Jumping for Advanced Riders

ISBN: 9783885428367

Author: German Equestrian Federation

Format: DVD

Price: AUD $40.00
RRP: AUD $69.95

A training video following the official system of the German National Equestrian Federation (FN)

Successful show jumping requires a correct and all-round training of horses and riders. The 6th volume of the successful FN-training series offers comprehensive and effective training knowledge for all show jumping riders and their horses, aiming at being well-prepared for competitions. Slow motions, new kinds of com-puter animation and detailed facts about distances will help with the daily training lessons.

Runtime: approx. 40 minutes

Book Title: Show Jumping for Advanced Riders
Format: DVD
ISBN: 9783885428367
Author: German Equestrian Federation
Author Notes: The FN – much more than a sport federation exclusively for competition riders.

Admittedly when anyone hears the name German Equestrian Federation, best known in its abbreviated form of FN (Fédération Equestre Nationale), the official federation for equestrian sport and breeding in Germany, the first thing which comes to mind is that this is the body responsible for organising competitive equestrian sport here in Germany. And indeed competitive sport and the promotion of top-level sport constitutes a large proportion of the FN's work. Responsible for promotion of top-level sport is the FN-associated German Olympic Equestrian Committee (DOKR) together with the equestrian section of the BLZ, short for "Bundesleistungszentrum" (centre to train and support talented riders), all of which are located in Warendorf in the Münsterland area of Germany. Every year 4,500 riders, drivers, vaulters, judges, trainers and horse show officials – as well as over 3,000 horses participate in training organised by the DOKR and BLZ. But competitive sport below the top level also constitutes an important area of the FN's work.
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