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Horse Agility Book & DVD Pack

Horse Agility Book & DVD Pack

Author: Vanessa Bee

Price: AUD $79.00
RRP: AUD $109.00

The Book:

All aspects of competing in equine agility are reviewed in this handler's guide, including explanations of the basics of the horse itself, the reasoning behind their behavior, and getting and maintaining their attention before training. Respecting the animal but keeping safety in mind at all times, the appropriate attitudes for both horse and teacher are discussed along with maintaining the appropriate level of patience. Covering the safe construction and negotiation of obstacles, this all-inclusive handbook also demonstrates how to use imagination to develop the scope of even the simplest structure. Methods for safely approaching the horse to catch and lead it are presented as well as how to look for signs of compliance and acceptance, encouraging the horse to see the handler as an efficient leader. With an outline of competitive levels, tips on organizing competitions and training days, and a troubleshooting section, this study also features helpful case studies of real life situations.

The DVD:

In this DVD, based on her bestselling book, Horse Agility Handbook, Vanessa Bee guides the viewer through her proven step-by-step method to excel at this exciting and growing sport. Starting with the horse on a lead rope, Vanessa shows the viewer how to safely work toward letting the horse go free over obstacles, in an open space and to compete internationally.

DVD Chapter Listing

  • Welcome to Horse Agility
  • General Equipment
  • Horse and Handler Attitude
  • Catching and Releasing
  • Room to Move
  • Beginning Horse Agility
  • Is the Horse Happy to Play?
  • How to Support the Horse When He Is Unsure or Afraid
  • Working Free
  • Stopping Your Horse Eating
  • Introducing Obstacles
  • Horse Agility Obstacles
  • Competitions

Publisher: Trafalgar Square
Format: DVD
Number of Pages: Run time:95 minutes

Book Title: Horse Agility Book & DVD Pack
Author: Vanessa Bee
Author Notes: Horse trainer Vanessa Bee, founder of the International Horse Agility Club, says that we need to change the way we think about horses and the sports and activities we so often pursue with them. She sees no reason the horse cannot enjoy your time together so much, he will choose to “play” with you—over, under, and through obstacles, without a lead rope, even when loose in a large, grassy pasture.
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