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Horse Control and the Bit

Horse Control and the Bit

ISBN: 9780959941302

Author: Tom Roberts

Format: Paperback

Price: AUD $27.95
RRP: AUD $34.95

Choice of a bit and 'why'; action of different bits; types; Head and mouth problems to avoid; Principles of Training; fitting of gear- and more.

This trio of titles from Tom Roberts have been described as "Almost bibles of Horsemanship- and most worthy of that reputation". It has been said that they shuld be read by all who ride handle horses or wish to instruct others.

Other titles in the series include:

Horse Control - The Young Horse

Horse Control - The Rider




Book Title: Horse Control and the Bit
Publisher: T.A. & P.R. Roberts
Format: Paperback
Number of Pages: 129
ISBN: 9780959941302
Author: Tom Roberts
Author Notes: "The Father of Australian Horse-Psychology" Tom Roberts was a trail blazer... At 14 years of age Tom Roberts joined the British Army as a Trumpeter. His ability to handle difficult horses was quickly noticed and at 16 he was responsible for handling and training 25 horses and mules a week for the lines in France, 1916-18. Roberts received lifetime inspiration at Weedon Cavalry School from Instructor Capt. J. J. Pearce, fresh from the Spanish Riding School and Saumur. He spent four years in India training polo ponies, hunters and chargers. Roberts won the first Dressage Test held by the Australian Royal Show (Adelaide 1950), and was co-founder of the Dressage Club of S.A., 1950, and was also the first in Australia instructing in dressage. Roberts organised the Dressage phase for the first (1952) S.A. EFA One-Day-Event. He also took the first EFA Schools introducing Dressage and Showjumping in Perth, W.A., and schools throughout S.A., Mildura and Broken Hill. Roberts helped found the S.A. Show Jumping Club and the S.A. Branch of Pony Club Association. When he could no longer stand to instruct because of WW2 injury, he began to write. His books on 'horse control' have sold world-wide. Thousands of riders, and their horses, have benefited from Tom Roberts' books.
Further Title Description: "If you are interested in the easy control of the horse, the following pages will certainly be of help to you. The training, including mouthing or re-mouthing of a horse, is primarily a matter of skill and knowledge but a well-designed and suitable bit will help the task tremendously. A good horseman will do a better job if his tools are first class too." (An extract from the introduction)
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