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Dressage Training Customized

Dressage Training Customized

ISBN: 9780851319773

Author: Britta Schoffman

Publisher: J.A.Allen

Format: Hardcover

Price: AUD $31.95
RRP: AUD $44.95
Individualize your horse's training- and get results
Train your horse according to his "type" and you'll discover he learns movements faster, performs them better, and enjoys exploring the sport of dressage alongside you. In this book, you'll find out how to read your horse's:

Is he quiet or spooky? Hyper or placid? Lazy or an overachiever? Sensitive or resistant?

Is he short-coupled or long-backed? Is his neck set high or low? Is it shaped correctly? Is he tall or short? Slab-sided or wide?

Does he have a gelding's placid disposition? Is she a mare with hormonal mood swings? Is he a stallion with an attitude?

Does your horse's particular breed impact his ability to perform dressage movements? Is his build or temprament more suitable for another discipline or use?

With your horse's type in mind, you can then alter the dressage Training Scale accordingly- its six elements can be applied in differing measures as best suits your horse. This is the "key" to your training success.
Book Title: Dressage Training Customized
Author: Britta Schoffman
Publisher: J.A.Allen
Format: Hardcover
ISBN: 9780851319773
Author Notes: Author is a German Grand Prix rider and trainer with a proven track record in writing books that sell, both in Germany and around the world. She wrote Dressage School, and Klaus Balkenhol for J.A. Allen.
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